History. Animals. Nature.

Dotted around the farm are various authentic monuments from Celtic times such as the ring fort and the lime kiln.

We also have some replicas of an Ogham stone, A stone circle, a Dolmen, a holy well, a 12th-century church and a wishing chair. Allow us to tell you the story of a time in Ireland from the distant past with one of our knowledgeable team.

Finish off your adventure with a leisurely walk around our farm, discover the Italian garden, meet our animals or enjoy a picnic with family or friends while admiring our views over West Limerick.

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Have a Lark in Celtic Park


Barrista coffee or try our Tea

Fun day out for all the family.

See the wild and varied landscape

hills, valley and a lake


Learn history on our Celtic Walk

Meet our goats and sheep

Invite friends and enjoy the talk

Get photos you want to keep


Bring your own or buy our picnic

Lay the blanket on the ground

Lots of options for you to pick

Admire the views all around


A visit to our Ring Fort is a must

See our lovely native trees

Walk through our Italian garden

Listen to the Birds and the bees.


Enjoy a picnic in the meadow

Limerick food to fill your face

Have a barbie in our Italian garden

But remember “Leave no Trace”


You bring the wine

We sell the coffee

Then for dessert

Try our Banoffi


Ring around all your friends

Invite them to Celtic Park

With wine and food on the go

They will have a lark.

Explore the New Celtic Park near Kilcornan about 20 minutes from Limerick.

The estate has 130 acres of beautiful scenery including two lakes, and wild meadows.

We have lots of items to ensure you have a fun-filled visit.

– Picnic Park where you can enjoy your picnic.

– Historic Walk where you can see many monuments of Celtic Ireland.

– Meet the animals that are freely roaming the farm.

– Visit our Italian garden.

– Authentic Ring Fort.

– 2 Lakes where you can enjoy water activities.


Celtic Park

Celtic Park, Kildimo, Co Limerick, Ireland

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